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Self Appointed Experts And How To Avoid Them

“In this market?!” The Self-Appointed “Experts” and How to Avoid ThemKathy was standing around the water cooler at her job and mentioned to her co-worker Joe, “my husband and I are buying

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Just Make An Offer Colorado Protects Its Buyers

Just Make an Offer! Colorado Protects its BuyersI often come across clients who are looking a a house they adore, but worried there might be one small flaw.  What about my dog? What about the

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We Are Buying A House ARE YOU CRAZY

We Are Buying A House- Are You Crazy?!So you and your spouse have decided to become homeowners, or perhaps you are buying something for you are your fur babies. You're all pumped and excited,

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6 Tips To Help Navigate The Home Buying Process

Here are some tips to help navigate the Home Buying Process:1. Get a Lender on Board Right away!  Working with a great lender is not only smart ,it will ensure a smooth transition once you are

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Staying Positive During The Home Buying Process

Buying a home in Denver's current market may seem daunting, and there are plenty of naysayers and people offering opinions. Despite what many people believe, it is entirely possible to become a

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